Friday, March 14, 2008

Nasi Rames

Nasi rames? What the heck is it? It is an Indonesian version of food combo. You can have almost anything in nasi rames. Some people like to have rice, fried noodles (what! fried noodles after rice! Yup, we Indonesians like to eat carbo on top of carbo), fried chicken, some kind of cooked vegetables and of course, chili sauce (sambal). Other health conscious people will try to be careful in the choice of food they pick for their nasi rames. Healthy combo food, for example, will have brown rice, some kind of vegetables and some protein.
I am not a health freak but I try to eat smart and well. When I miss home, I try to recover by having nasi rames and I choose my side dishes carefully. As you see, my nasi rames is not glamorous but it has the right mix of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables. For side dish, I choose white rice; stir fry green beans, tempeh cooked in chili sauce, fried tofu and fried shallot. I should have more green in my food and I did. I just do not have the picture to prove it. Another version of nasi rames I made had rice, stir fry brussels sprout, eggplants and shrimps cooked with sambal and opor ayam aka chicken cooked in coconut milk.

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